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Pregnancy Information Near Vinings, GA.

Pregnancy Information Near Vinings, GA.

Pregnancy Testing | Ultrasound

Early Signs of Pregnancy

The most common signs and symptoms of an early pregnancy are:

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, call and schedule your free appointment now.

Pregnancy Testing near Vinings, GA

Urine Pregnancy Tests

We offer free One Step Urine Pregnancy Testing while you wait. Urine pregnancy tests confirm the presence of hCG, a hormone that indicates a possible pregnancy. In most cases, First Care Women’s Clinic will follow up positive tests with a free ultrasound to diagnose pregnancy viability.

All patients who receive positive pregnancy tests also receive an Official Verification of Positive Pregnancy Test form signed by our physician.

Blood Pregnancy Tests

What happens if you think you are pregnant but a urine pregnancy test is negative?First Care Women’s Clinic provides free blood pregnancy testing to patients who receive a negative urine test but believe it may be too early to detect with urine testing or other circumstances may be affecting test results.

A Registered Nurse will obtain a blood specimen for testing. Results are usually available between 1 -3 days. Blood testing can detect and measure lower levels of hCG than urine tests. Neither urine or blood testing diagnose a viable pregnancy. First Care Women’s Clinic will provide a free diagnostic ultrasound to all eligible patients who have a positive urine or blood pregnancy test.

Limited Diagnostic Ultrasound

It is our goal to diagnose pregnancy through ultrasound at the initial patient visit. First Care Women’s Clinic provides ultrasound to determine gestational age, intrauterine pregnancy, and fetal life in the first and second trimester of pregnancy.
Is it important to have ultrasounds done before you have an abortion?
In GA, verification of a lack of fetal cardiac activity is required prior to any abortion procedure. Neither urine or blood pregnancy tests diagnose a living pregnancy. The ultrasounds provided by First Care Women’s Clinic are diagnostic. Since 1/5 of all pregnancies are miscarried, a viable pregnancy diagnosis is something every woman should know before they schedule an abortion.
Ultrasounds are administered by certified sonographers and images are reviewed by our radiologist.
All of our services, including ultrasounds, are confidential. The ultrasound itself usually takes less than 30 minutes.

Pregnancy Information Vinings, GA 30339

Vinings is a village in Cobb CountyGeorgia, United States that runs along the Chattahoochee River bank across from Buckhead. Located next to the affluent Paces section of Buckhead in northwest Atlanta, Vinings is known for its historic sites, shopping districts, proximity to local freeways and The Battery, and nearby nature areas. 

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