It is our goal to diagnose pregnancy through ultrasound at the initial patient visit. First Care Women’s Clinic provides ultrasound to determine gestational age, intrauterine pregnancy, and fetal life in the first and second trimester of pregnancy.

Is it important to have ultrasounds done before you have an abortion?

Yes. Neither urine or blood pregnancy tests diagnose a living pregnancy. The ultrasounds provided by First Care Women’s Clinic are diagnostic. Since ¼ of all pregnancies are miscarried, a viable pregnancy diagnosis is something every woman should know before they schedule an abortion.

Ultrasounds are administered by trained Registered Nurses or certified sonographers. Although some restrictions apply, the majority of patients are eligible for ultrasounds.

All of our services, including ultrasounds, are confidential, but you are welcome to bring a friend along. The ultrasound itself usually takes less than 30 minutes.